My Favourite Cheap Gaming Mouse: Redragon M601

Times are hard and as a gamer who is on a tight budget, the last thing I want to do is to spend a hundred bucks on a gaming house.

As a self- identifying proletariat gamer (which is just a fancier way of naming a gamer who is financially broke), one of the few things I dream of is a mouse that is incredibly reliable yet affordable.

The good news is that I, along with other financially able gamers, would not have to continue dreaming because this reliable yet affordable mouse has already come into existence. It’s called the Redragon M601.

In a world full of knock-off gaming mice, it’s a breath of fresh air to finally bump into a great mouse that is sold at a cheap price. Reviewers and tech connoisseurs have been raving about the Redragon M601 and we’ll explore the features of this mouse that is definitely one of the best budget gaming mouse in 2017.

Adjustable Weight System: A Gamer’s Secret in Taking Charge to One’s Destiny

In any FPS or MOBA game, a player needs to hurdle various challenges before one could spot the long road to victory. Sometimes, a player needs to shoot targets at an extremely precise point while at other times, a moving fast to chase unlawful elements is what it takes to secure the victory. Either ways, one of the best ways to take charge of your virtual character is to adjust the weight of your mouse every now and then.

This is exactly why the adjustable weight system of the Redragon M601 comes very handy for FPS players. If you need to make precise targets, a heavier mouse will provide you with a better grip to position your mouse accurately to the target. If you are running or chasing something or someone, a lighter mouse will aid your virtual character in moving fast. Considering its price, its noteworthy how functional the adjustable weight system this mouse has. In fact, we even have to amazed with the mere fact that it has one.

DPI: Is the display vivid enough?

DPI, which is short for dots per inch, basically measures how sensitive your mouse is from the input you give it. Ideally, a high DPI is a good thing if your monitor resolution is also proportionately high. For the Redragon M601, its DPI can be set as high as 2000, which is sensitive enough when paired with any 1080p resolution monitor. However, if you screen has a resolution more than 1080p, you might reconsider buying another budget mouse.

Buttons: There’s Enough to Push

The Redragon M601 basically has 6 optimized buttons and two programmable ones. For an FPS/MOBA player, this number is actually enough to effectively play a good game. If you are an MMO fanatic who needs at least two dozens of buttons spread all over your mouse, this mouse is definitely not for you.

Design: In Case Looks Matter to You

For a mouse under USD 20, this mouse can easily be mistaken as a high-end mouse. It has red backlighting and the design is impressively hip and edgy. While looks don’t actually matter as much as other more pressing ‘mousy’ concerns, a good looking one would actually be a nice add-on.

Final Thoughts and Proletariat Musings

The Redragon M601 would not be called the gaming mouse for the masses without a reason. This mouse, which you can avail for under 20 bucks, is a great mouse with a generous set of features which can greatly improve your gaming performance. If there’s one lesson we can take away from the Redragon M601, it would be the idea that a great mouse doesn’t always have to break the bank.

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