Types Of Dance

As a lot of us know, dance is very popular all over the world. It’s fun and a good way to express oneself through dancing. In today’s age, the word dance can be different from each person’s perspective. Over the years, the art of dance has evolved and different styles and forms has been established. Below are just some of the known types of dance.

Types Of Dance

Ballet – this type of dance serves as the backbone for all other styles of dancing. This dance shows how graceful one can be if you do ballet.

Jazz – considered to be a fun dance style, this relies heavily on improvisation and originality. As such, many jazz dancers try to incorporate their expression into the dance.

Tap Dance – is somewhat an interesting dance were a dancer wears tap shoes or shoes with metal taps. They make tapping sounds with their feet forming a rhythmic pattern and timely beats.

Modern – as the name says, this dance focuses on the what’s new today. This style rejects many strict rules of the ballet dance and focuses on expression of inner feelings instead. This was created as an opposite of the classical ballet.

Hip Hop – this is probably the most popular nowadays and even there have been a lot of competitions in which this style is a part of. This is usually danced together with hip-hop music. The moves included in this dance are popping, locking and krumping, breakdancing and even house dance.

Swing – a lively dance style that is danced by couples where they spin, swing and even jump together. This is described as dancing to swing music or music that swings.

Country and Western dance – these includes several dance forms which is usually danced together with a country/western music. Pretty much you have heard of country music from western club or tavern. Another lively dance that you will probably get into.

These are just some of the known dance styles around the world. Other dance styles are belly dance, flamenco, contra dance and Latin dance.

Types Of Dance

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